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Playing Condition (PC)  
We repair what is broken, and then perform the necessary maintenance to insure proper action and problem free playing.
Brass Woodwind
* Pull Slides
* Dent Work

Ultrasonic Treatment
* Flush & Clean Entire Horn
* Springs, Corks & Felts as Needed
Grease & Oil
* Play Test
* Clean Mouthpiece & Case

* Pads as Needed
* Corks as Needed

* Felts as Needed
Solder Work
Springs & Screws as Needed
Dent Work
Straighten Bent Keys
Refit Loose or Jammed Keys
Oil & Grease Keys
* Oil Bore
Reseat Pads
* Play Test
Clean Mouthpiece & Case

Playing Condition Plus (PC+)  
For step up and professional instruments, and/or where extra care and premium materials are a must.  Prices are subject to on-site repair assessments and estimates.
Woodwind Overhaul (OH)  
* All keys and corks are removed
* Keys are straightened
* Keys and body are sterilized, nickel and silver keys are polished, dents 
   are removed and solder work is done 
* Instrument is assembled using the finest pads, corks, and felts
Woodwind Overhaul Plus (OH+)   

All springs are replaced. Yellow (hard felt) pads are used on flutes and clarinets, and cork pads on oboes. Premium treated pads and resonators are fit to saxophones.

Due to the Autumn work load, we are unable to offer overhauls in September and October.

Other prices available upon request  E-mail the repair shop
 Bells  Crack Pinning  Major Dent Work  Necks
 Honing  Mouthpieces  Bore Polishing  Slides
 Custom Work  Lacquering  Plating Timpani ($60.00 min)
Strings  E-mail the repair shop
We offer a complete repair service for stringed instruments. All repairs are done right in our own shop. Please contact us for pricing.


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