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Terms of Rental Agreement

   An instrument is issued for an initial trial period. This set up fee is nonrefundable and cannot be applied toward any purchases. At the end of this period the customer may elect to rent on a monthly basis at the rates indicated. The instrument you are renting is the sole property of JOHN KEAL MUSIC CO.  You may not sell it or move it to another state.  You must notify the company if you change address or phone.

2    All rentals initiated online will be automatically enrolled in our monthly auto-billing cycle.  You will receive an email notifying you of the beginning of monthly credit card charges. All rental payments are due in advance. There are no refunds on rental monies paid. A late charge of 1½ % per month (annual rate of 18%) is assessed on late payments.  A payment is considered late if not received within 10 days of due date.  A $5.00 late fee notification charge will be assessed on each late notice mailed. If 60 days overdue, this agreement may be cancelled and the instrument must be returned immediately.  If an account is turned over to a collection agency you will be responsible for collection costs.  

3    The instrument you are renting is not for sale however, all of your rental payments may be applied toward the purchase of a new or used instrument of the same type. Title and Right of Possession of the rented instrument shall always remain with the JOHN KEAL MUSIC CO., INC.  You may exchange it for another instrument, subject to availability, at any time, as long as your rental payments are current. If you file for bankruptcy, the instrument must be returned or your rental obligation satisfied, as the instrument is the property of JOHN KEAL MUSIC CO, INC.

Band Instruments:  Rental instruments are not for sale, but you may apply your rental payments toward the purchase of a new or used instrument of the same type. The balance of this instrument can be paid over time.  Actual prices cannot be anticipated but examples of current prices are listed in the box below.

String Instruments:  Rental instruments are not for sale. When your child is ready for a full size instrument, all of your rental payments may be applied toward the purchase of a new instrument or you may continue renting a used full sized instrument, subject to availability.  (We do not sell used string instruments or fractional size instruments.) Payment of the balance will be made in twelve monthly installments.  If the balance is less than $ 350.00, it will be paid in monthly installments of $ 30.00 plus tax and optional repair protection. The actual price of new full sized instruments cannot be anticipated, but current examples of prices are (for student models with natural hair bows): Violin - $ 895.00 & up, Viola - $ 1,095.00 & up, Student 'Cello $ 1,295.00, Intermediate 'Cello $ 1,995.00 & up, Student String Bass $ 2,175.00 & up.

   The company may repossess an instrument if there is any charge that is 60 days in arrears.  Repossession terminates this agreement but does not relieve you of charges incurred before or after repossession (including legal fees).

  The renter retains the right to terminate this agreement at any time by returning the instrument to the company. If returned, all payments made shall be considered rental. You are responsible for an instrument until it is returned to our place of business.  In most cases the instrument can be returned to your child’s school but you must phone John Keal Music Co. before returning the instrument.

6    The company reserves the right to refuse to rent an instrument based on the results of a credit investigation or a previous rental history.

7    All repairs must be made by the company.  The company does not provide replacement drum heads, sticks, straps, mouthpieces, oil, grease, reeds, swabs, strings, rosin, or other expendables.  Nor does the company restore appearance, refinish scratches or repair minor dents that do not affect the performance of an instrument. The company will pay for all repairs as long as your monthly rental and optional repair/maintenance payments  are up to date. If the account falls behind, you will be responsible for the overdue payments and the cost of the repairs.  If you opt not to have repair/maintenance protection, you must rent your instrument in person in our store.

   The company has the right to pick up the instrument at school at six month intervals to provide adjustments.  Permission of the renter is not required for this service.

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