Recorders & Ukuleles

  • Amahi Classic Quilted Ash Ukulele
    Price: $159.00
  • Amahi Penguin Ukulele
    Amahi Penguin Ukulele
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    Price: $41.00
  • Kala Gloss Mahogany Uke with EQ
    Kala Gloss Mahogany Uke with EQ

    "The Gloss Mahogany line features a high-gloss finish to enhance the simple elegance of the Mahogany woodgrain. The gloss adds a smoothness and sturdiness to the uke and a cream binding ties it all together".

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    Price: $169.99
  • Kala Mahogany Ukulele- Soprano
    Kala Mahogany Ukulele- Soprano

    "With so many ukulele options out there, how does one know what to choose? Kala, known for great quality, sound and affordability, has the best entry-level ukulele on the market, the KA-15S. This ukulele is an entry level staple for new players and a great addition for seasoned players looking to add an affordable, high-quality, attractive soprano ukulele to their collection. Anyone looking to get their money’s worth in an instrument should start with the KA-15S".


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    Price: $54.99
  • Kala Wanderer Acoustic-Electric UBASS
    Kala Wanderer Acoustic-Electric UBASS
    "The Wanderer is the most basic model U•Bass in our new line. The Wanderer is made of Mahogany and has been stripped down to the bare essentials to make it our most affordable U•Bass yet. The Wanderer maintains the booming sound of the U•Bass and the no frills approach gives it a clean look perfect for any situation. The Wanderer will help you find your way. Available in a fretted model."
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    Price: $229.99
  • Lauren Translucent Recorder
    Price: $3.99
  • Makala Dolphin Ukulele
    Makala Dolphin Ukulele

    "The Makala Dolphin line is an excellent first ukulele to dive in with. The Dolphin comes in an assortment of colors with a classic look that sounds great. An exceptional value to get anyone playing".

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    Price: $46.99
  • Makala Shark Ukulele
    Makala Shark Ukulele

    "The Makala Shark line is well-suited for casual players looking for something colorful and fun to sink their teeth into. The Shark is a terrific deal that also looks and sounds great—the perfect uke for anyone to bite into".

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    Price: $46.99
  • Yamaha Recorder
    Yamaha Recorder
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    Price: $6.95