Tuba Supplies

  • Bach Tuba Mouthpiece
    Price: $90.00
  • Hearos Ear Plugs
    Price: $4.95
  • JKM Tuba Mouthpiece
    Price: $47.99
  • Mouthpiece Brush
    Price: $1.85
  • Roche-Thomas Mi-T Mist
    Roche-Thomas Mi-T Mist
    Mi-T Mist is a topical antimicrobial designed to cleanse the mouthpiece and provide a refreshing agent that will remove residue build-up from the instrument.
    Price: $3.00
  • Standard Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch
    Price: $5.50
  • Standard Tuba/Baritone Lyre
    Price: $3.25