Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How Does The Lease Program Work?

We offer a lease-to-own plan. A lease payment is made each month and can be applied toward the purchase of a new or used band instrument of the same type. You may purchase a new or used band instrument at any time, and discounts are available whenever you decide to use your equity. Renters of violins, violas, cellos and string basses will use their equity to purchase a BRAND NEW FULL SIZE instrument. Fractional size string instruments are not for sale. You may also return the instrument at any time. A repair/loss service is included in the monthly lease rate.


2) How/When will we get our lease instrument?

Once you have completed the lease application, we will schedule a delivery to your child’s school. This will be timed to coordinate with the start of lessons in the fall. If lessons have already begun, your instrument will be delivered to school on our next regular service call. You can also come to any of our locations to complete the rental application. In most cases, you will be able to take the instrument with you that day.


3)How are instruments cleaned/sanitized?

All of our rental instruments go through a rigorous cleaning process. Even before COVID-19, John Keal Music has always cleaned and sanitized our instruments to the highest possible degree. If you would like to learn more about our specific cleaning standards, please click HERE.


4) Can I switch to a different instrument while I am renting?

YES! Up to 12 months of equity can be transferred if you decide to switch to a different instrument. Call John Keal Music to arrange.


5) Where can I mail rental payments?

John Keal Music Co., Inc. 819 Livingston Ave Albany, NY 12206. You can also pay with a credit/debit card by phone: (518) 482-4405 Toll Free: (800) 544-6631.

*Remember you can make a payment and sign up for automatic payments HERE on our web site*


6) How long does the lease last? How long before I own the instrument?

The Lease plan is very flexible. You can rent for as long or short a time period as you like. You may use your accumulated equity to purchase a new or used band instrument whenever you decide. For string rentals, you can purchase a brand new full size stringed instrument with your accumulated equity whenever you decide. Call John Keal Music for your equity balance and current instrument pricing.


7) Can I purchase an instrument without first going through the lease plan?

Yes. All of our lease and new instruments are also available for sale (for string instrument sales, we only sell BRAND NEW FULL SIZE). We also carry intermediate and professional level instruments. Call us for a quote and to arrange a play test 518-482-4405 Albany or 518-371-4455 Clifton Park.


8) How do I know what size string instrument my child needs?

You can come into any of our locations be have your child sized for a string instrument or you can have the string teacher size your student. It is very important with string instruments to be sized correctly. Sizing is not based on age or grade- it is based on the child’s arm length or their relation to the instrument while they are holding it correctly. To size at home See our size chart HERE


9) Do I have to return my lease instrument in the summer?

NO! The lease plan is a year round program. It does not end when school closes for the summer. When you return the instrument, you forfeit any accumulated equity and your lease account will be closed.


10) What do I do if my lease instrument needs repair?

Call John Keal Music to arrange to have your instrument repaired or exchanged. Repair/Loss protection is included in the lease plan, so no additional charges are incurred for repairs to current lease accounts. Loaner instruments can be provided when available. *Please note that past due accounts must be brought current in order for your repair/exchange to be covered.*


11) What do I do if my rental instrument is lost or stolen?

If your rental instrument is lost or stolen, we need a police report. You should call JKM main office at 518-482-4405 to notify us and to obtain the serial number and value of the instrument; you will need this information when filling out the report. 


12) How do I return my lease instrument?

YOU MUST CALL JKM TO ARRANGE FOR A SCHOOL PICKUP AND/OR RETURN. Or, fill out our convenient online return request form HERE. We will pick up the instrument next time we are at the school. You may also return the instrument to any of our convenient locations. Once the instrument is returned your lease account will be closed. *Please note that any past due payments will still be owed on the account once the instrument is returned*


13) Does John Keal Music provide private instrument repairs?

Yes. We have trained technicians who are members of NAPBIRT (National Association of  Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians) and stay up to date on the latest repair techniques and procedures. Call us to have us pick up from a school or come into one of our convenient locations for an estimate free of charge!


14) Where are your locations?

We currently have 3 locations in the Capital District; our main office and store in Albany and our stores in Schenectady &  Clifton Park. We also have a satellite location in: Pleasant Valley (D&M Music).


15) What Brands of band instruments do you carry?

We carry only name brand, teacher approved instruments such as Vito, Jupiter, Bach, Cannonball, Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, King, Eastman, Armstrong, Holton, Conn and Selmer. Please contact our office for pricing on specific brands/models of instruments.


16) What should I do if my child is left-handed?

All band and orchestra instruments are played the same way, regardless of whether the student is right or left handed.